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Updated for September 2020
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Before we go any further into exploring the phenomenon of Ukrainian mail order brides, it is essential to clear the air and bust all the myths that surround this topic. Unfortunately, there are plenty of those still. A lot of people who are far from being experts in the field of online dating often misinterpret or just generally misunderstand the process behind online mail order sites, hence have a stigma against it. One of the most common mistakes that these people make is thinking that being a mail order bride equates to prostitution. This is wrong on so many levels and is most definitely not the case.

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In fact, Ukrainian mail order brides are just regular women who got tired of endless attempts to find love in Ukraine, among their local men. So they simply turned to the help of a Ukrainian brides agency. All of them do it out of their free will and are not scouted by any platforms. They are just Ukrainian real brides who decided to sign up to an online dating service to get access to a larger pool of international singles.

Why Ukrainian Women Like Foreigners

Ukrainian Men Don’t Respect Women

We cannot accuse every single Ukrainian guy of such tendencies. However, they do commonly take their sexy Ukrainian women for granted. It is considered to be anti-masculine to show your real emotions. So Ukrainian men rarely praise their women and give them the compliments they deserve. However, it is not only about the lack of romance that Ukrainian guys are guilty of. In fact, it is just generally a common thing in Ukraine for men to treat women as inferior. So they often do not allow women to self-actualize. On the contrary, women from Ukraine find Western men to be more respectful and romantic.

They Have Alcohol Problems

Unfortunately, according to statistics, alcohol addiction is a huge problem in Ukraine. On average one in every three men consumes alcohol heavily. This leads to unpleasant outcomes such as impulsive debauchery, violent behaviors, and jest general instability. Obviously, a man like that would not be a reliable partner for life.

Gender Imbalance

In fact, even if a woman manages to find a man who is not a douche and does not drink much, it is very likely she will have a lot of competition. The reason for this is that there are more Ukrainian women than there are men. So even the most beautiful Ukrainian brides are often left single.

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girls online
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Economic Struggles

With the current political instability and severe economic problems in Ukraine, it is understandable that a lot of women are seeking a better life elsewhere. Marrying a foreign guy could be a good opportunity for them to move to another country.


Simple as that, this should have been the first point as it is always the most important factor. A lot of Ukrainian mail order brides simply want to expand their search area. It drastically increases their chances of finding the perfect partner. Compatibility is key, and a lot of Ukrainian real brides are hoping to find this ideal compatibility with someone online.

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

Now that you understand the reasoning behind Ukrainian brides turning to online mail order bride services, it is also important to clarify what is meant by the expression ‘to buy a Ukrainian bride’. Despite the economic hardships a lot of Ukrainian brides may be experiencing, this phase is exclusively figurative and cannot be taken literally under no circumstances. You cannot win a Ukrainian by simply placing the highest bid on her and getting her shipped out to you. This would be human trafficking and is highly illegal in all developed countries of the world. No legit site would ever offer you this.

What all the good sites are offering is just an opportunity for you to utilize the various functions provided by the platform to connect with sexy Ukrainian women. This means, you do not pay for the ladies. You rather pay for the features that allow you to chat with them or for the membership on the site.

While it may seem kind of unfair that you have to splash some cash to get to talk to Ukrainian girls, it is actually very just! When you sign up to the site, do not you only know that all the females on there share the same serious intentions as you do and are ready for dating, but also the fee you pay goes towards maintaining the site a safe space free of freaks and scammers.

So, why would you even want to meet a Ukrainian girl?

Features of Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian girls are very different and all have something unique to them that makes them stand out. Therefore, the following overview of most common features of Ukrainian women is only a rough guide, albeit a very comprehensive one, and you most definitely should get to know your Ukrainian beauty yourself. Especially since there are so many reasons to marry one of them!


One of the most prominent features intrinsic to hot Ukrainian women is their intelligence. Indeed, it is not all about looks! Ukrainian girls are incredibly smart and well-educated. It is not common not to go to the university upon leaving school. So the majority of women from Ukraine do not only have a high school diploma but also a university degree. Moreover, a lot of them have a dual degree or complete a Masters program in addition to the Bachelor one.

Ukrainian girls are for sure a brainy bunch and you would be able to notice it from the very first couple of minutes of conversing with them. They are very well-rounded so you can expect them to have knowledge of pretty much every sphere of interest that you have. Furthermore, not only they are well-educated and can hold any type of conversation, but they are also extremely creative. So if you ever find yourself stuck in a dead-end, just ask your charming Ukrainian girlfriend for help, and she would gladly suggest a viable solution.

Besides, due to the very good level of education, Ukrainian women are multi-lingual. In fact, from a very young age, they learn Ukrainian, Russian and English, as well as other European languages later at school. Therefore, you can be sure that all the Ukrainian mail order brides you meet will have a very decent level of English. This is an extremely pleasant bonus as languages the two of you speak fluently can either make or break the relationship due to potential lack of mutual understanding.

Hard-Working and Ambitious

As stated previously, Ukrainian women are very well-educated and well-rounded. This, however, does not come easy. These girls put a lot of time and effort into their studies. Such dedication is, in fact, an overarching trait relevant to a lot of Ukrainian girls. They set goals and they work hard towards achieving them. Moreover, they are well aware of what they are capable of, and what they should work on for a little bit longer. Therefore they never set unrealistic goals, and keep their aspirations in check.

This also is reflected well in the fact that a very large portion of Ukrainian women is embracing their careers. They work in a very challenging, often considered manly, spheres such as IT, business, accounting, etc. A lot of times ladies have to take a full day job to secure their financial independence, especially since there is a rather large gender gap in wages.

Outgoing and Kind

A thing that is well-known around the globe is the remarkable hospitability of Ukrainians in general, and Ukrainian girls in particular. They are very kind and outgoing, and would definitely go out of their way to accommodate their guests. They are not greedy at all!

In Ukrainian culture, there is a very common belief that you have to give all the best things you have to your guests. Therefore, guests are treated with the utmost respect.

And even if you might find your Ukrainian girl to be slightly reserved at first, this is not actually what she is like all the time. It is just that Ukrainian women tend to be more cautious with strangers. So they do not reveal too much information about themselves immediately. However, as soon as you establish mutual trust, you can be sure she will become the most cheerful and garrulous person ever!


Family is the top priority for Slavic women from all Slavic regions. However, it is even more important to Ukrainian women! Despite having a career and dedicating a lot of their time to self-development, Ukrainian brides are still focused on having a family. Family plays a very large role in the lives of Ukrainian girls especially since a lot of Ukrainian girls live with their parents till marriage. Even if they do not, they still have very close relationships with their relatives, so if you have serious intentions of marrying a Ukrainian girl, you can expect to meet all her closest relatives for courtship.

However, this strong bond with her kin is something that has shaped a Ukrainian bride as she is. From very early age Ukrainian girls are taught that family is of the greatest value and is the most valuable thing anyone can have. Hence when they grow up, these ladies have a very thorough understanding of what family means to them. This implies that Ukrainian brides will fight for the well-being of their loved ones no matter what, and try to maintain a caring warm atmosphere within the family.

Moreover, they also make great housewives as they are no strangers to taking care of the household. Ukrainian girls are amazing cooks as they spend a lot of time with their mothers as kids. They learn how to prepare different dishes starting from delicious dishes of Ukrainian national cuisine and ending with exotic recipes. It is not common in Ukraine to get takeaways. So you can expect to be treated to a fresh homemade meal three times a day every day.


It would be a crime to not talk about the mesmerizing beauty of Ukrainian girls. Especially since in 2019 Ukrainian women were named to be the sexiest nation on the planet. And we see why… Throughout centuries the territory of Ukraine has been crossed by multiple nationalities, all of which have added something to the Ukrainian gene. The mixture of different nationalities and therefore different bloods resulted in Ukrainian women being so stunningly beautiful.

There is not a set look all Ukrainian ladies have, as their beauty varies from girl to girl. But the common trend is for them to have fair complexion, brown hair and light almond-shaped eyes.

Besides, something Ukrainian girls can also boast is their amazing figures. It is a beauty standard to be toned and slim, so Ukrainian brides are regulars at gym as well as they tend to keep a healthy diet, too! However, thanks to genetics, even though they do not overindulge in tasty things, they still have the curves in all the right place. Ukrainian women are known for their sexy hourglass-shaped figures.

Apart from that, Ukrainian women for marriage know exactly what to wear to look their best. They are very into fashion, and would never go out not looking perfect. Even at home, they prefer to wear a cute home dress and have light makeup.

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Best Sites to Meet Ukrainian and Avoid Ukrainian Brides Scams

  • KissRussianBeauty
  • DateRussianGirl
  • RussianBeautyDate

It is understandable that so many single men around the world dream of dating a Ukrainian bride and are eager to find themselves one. Ukrainian singles reciprocate this and therefore are well-represented online. However, this also engenders a number of fakes and scammers trying to make money of naïve men impersonating attractive women from Ukraine. In order to avoid getting into their traps, you need to be careful when choosing a website as you only want to communicate with Ukrainian real brides.

Here are a couple of platforms where you can do so:


  • Features a large number of profiles of legit Ukrainian mail order brides to choose from;
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  • Advanced 128-bit SSL payment protection;
  • A mobile application that allows using all the features of the online dating website on your mobile device and therefore be in touch with you.
  • Matches not only when you have access to your laptop but also on the go too.


  • Offers an advanced match-making algorithm that ensures you and your match are as compatible as possible;
  • Has an enormous database of beautiful Ukrainian women;
  • Grants members access to detailed profiles of ladies. It allows men to gain a full understanding of women’s personality and appearance.


  • One of the sites with the highest density of Ukrainian women online;
  • Has a lot of additional features such as translational services. So you can use them in case you require them to communicate with the Ukrainian mail order brides of our choice;
  • Has a genius matching mechanism that ensures you are coupled up with the ladies you are most compatible with.

Tips for Dating Hot Ukrainian Brides

Be Patient

It is important to remember that Ukrainian ladies are very shy, even if they do not seem to appear so. Therefore, the very first tip will be not to rush into the relationship. In Slavic culture, it is usual for ladies to be more reserved when it comes to talking to men. This also implies that you are not to expect sex on the first couple of dates as physical intimacy is something. Ukrainian girls save for the right person they truly love and trust.

Pamper Her

Grand gestures can score you a couple of extra points and help you win a Ukrainian girl’s heart. They love to feel praised and treated right. So, a bouquet of flowers or a nice romantic gift would always be a good decision.

Respect Her

Respect the girl you are trying to date as well as respect her culture and country. It is relevant to all women, not only beautiful women from Ukraine.

Be a Real Man

Be considerate and do not hesitate to show your masculinity from time to time. Ukrainian brides are very feminine and they want to stay that way, so they prefer the man to take the leadership role in a relationship.

Never Ghost Her

Do not ever ghost your Ukrainian lady, even for a day or two. It is very impolite and would put her off you.