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Updated for October 2020
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Slovakian women are among the most highly demanded brides within the international online dating community. Single men from all around the globe are more and more keen on the idea of traveling to Slovakia. They want to find themselves a beautiful Slovakian girl. And there are a lot of reasons for it. Slovakian girls are most definitely absolutely charming, undeniably stunning and have whatever it takes to be amazing for dating. In fact, Slovakian women are super suitable for a long-term committed relationship and subsequent marriage. This is thanks to the unique set of personality traits intrinsic to these ladies.

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Slovakian Personality Traits

The following section of this article seeks to capture the collective image of Slovak women as cohesively and comprehensively as possible. However, despite this overview being hundred percent realistic and complete, it is important to remember that all women are unique and have something different to them. After all, these peculiarities that make them stand out from the crowd is exactly what makes men love them even more. Therefore, while you can rely on the following description to get a general idea of what you can expect Slovakian brides to be like, you still should dedicate enough time to getting to know your particular Slovak lady yourself.


If you are looking for a lady who would be just an accessory to your lifestyle, you should probably look elsewhere. This is definitely not something Slovakian women can be. However, if you are looking for a lady with an active life position who is taking chances and ready to voice her opinion, you are looking in the right direction. Slovak girls are known for their individuality, and this is something they would never give up.

Well-Educated as Well as Street Smart

It is not out of character for Slovakian brides to be striving for continuous improvement. This is particularly evident in the desire of women of Slovakia to not only receive secondary school education but also enroll in and graduate from a university. In fact, Slovakian girls are the brainy ones. They can boast their vast knowledge of multiple spheres as they are very smart.

However, not only they are college smart but also street smart as well. These ladies are very wise and are always ready to give a valuable piece of advice. They are particularly proactive and ready to try out new things. Hence they often have a lot of different types of experiences behind their backs. Which is always nice as it implies you would never run out of topics to discuss.

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Most Slovakian women have a really decent level of English (or even fluent in it). So there won’t be any language barriers that are often a problem for men looking for a foreign bride today.

Supportive and Loyal

One of the qualities that is essential for any successful relationship is mutual respect. This is a trait that is pampered in Slovakian brides from very early childhood. The culture of Slovakia dictates that close relatives need to be supportive of each other before anything else. Therefore, you can expect your Slovakian girl to be always with you no matter what. She would back up your decision, and would always strive to accommodate you.

Moreover, loyalty is something Slovak women are also known for. They are very picky with whom they choose for a relationship. But once she falls in love with you, you can be sure she would never ever betray you or do anything behind your back.

This also leads to the idea that Slovakian girls are very family-oriented. As once they find someone whom they truly love, they want to manifest this love and create a family with them. Especially as Slovakian brides make outstanding mothers. They know how to care about their loved ones and how to give everything best to them.

Incredibly Pretty

It would be a great omission to not talk about the outstanding appearance of Slovakian brides for sale. What is particularly true is that these ladies are real life Barbie dolls. Indeed, they are so charming with their bright blue eyes that are almost magnetic when a beautiful Slovak girl is looking at you, their shiny hazel hair and amazing smooth olive skin. Apart from that, Slovakian brides are also well known for their radiant femininity. Unlike their more Western counterparts, Slovakian girls prefer to wear skirts and flowy dresses as they embrace their feminine features.

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Moreover, such feminine clothes nicely highlight their amazing figures. Slovak women are shaped like an hourglass, they have full breasts and nice hips accompanied by a tiny waist. Such figure is considered to be alluring by a lot of people. While many females are longing to get it through plastic surgeries, Slovakian girls are lucky enough to have been blessed with it naturally. Nevertheless, even though they do have nice assets as it is, Slovakian brides for sale also work out a lot to maintain their figures, as well as have a healthy diet.

Best Sites to Meet Slovakian Women

  • FindEuropeanBeauty
  • KissRussianBeauty
  • CharmDate

While you can most definitely fly over to Slovakia and try to find a bride there in real life, there is a much better and more efficient way of doing it. In the today world, we are exposed to a large number of online mail order bride sites. Such platforms connect single men from around the world with the women of their choice. Slovakian women are well represented on such sites, so it should not be a problem finding them online. However, it is vital for you to remember to only choose trustworthy sites to communicate with beautiful Slovak girls. Here is a couple you should consider:


FindEuropeanBeauty should be your top choice for dating Slovakian women if you are looking for ladies over 30 years old. This site focuses on mature singles looking for serious relationship. So it positions itself as a site that brings couples together to marry. And it indeed does! Throughout years of this site being in the market, it has connected a lot of happy families.


KissRussianBeauty is one of the largest online dating sites that has an extensive Slovakian women database. Besides, it also has a very advanced matching mechanism that ensures you and the people suggested to you by the site are compatible. Moreover, you can also customize your search by applying certain filters to it. You can filter the ladies according to your specific preferences. So only the Slovak women who fit your criteria are shown to you. Apart from that, KissRussianBeauty also has ID verification, so all the beautiful girls you chat to are 100% real.


CharmDate is a site that features an incredibly large number of profiles of hot single Slovakian mail order brides. The platform is known for its premium quality of services. It means that this site encourages women to keep their profiles as detailed as possible, with a lot of additional content such as videos and multiple photos, so that men could know for sure whether they fancied a particular woman or not. This can save a lot of time. Moreover, CharmDate also has an extensive moderation system that keeps all the fakes away so you shouldn’t worry about your safety. At the same time, the 128-bit SSL protected payment system the site uses safeguards your financial data.