Serbian Brides

Serbian women just like any other women in the world are each unique and different to the rest of their counterparts, so the following list of features intrinsic to Serbian women is only a rough collective portrait of what your Serbian wife could be like.

Features of Serbian Women

Even though all these traits are often relevant to most girls from Serbia, you cannot rely on this guide entirely and should get to know your Serbian girl yourself. Nevertheless, here is a rough list of things that you can expect her to be:

Lively and Positive

One of the best things about Serbian girls is that they are always lively and have an extremely optimistic outlook on life. They are highly energetic and always try to find something good in pretty much every situation. This makes them really likable as it is always pleasant to be around someone who can cheer you up.

Moreover, Serbian women do not have a problem making friends and generally approaching people. They are very approachable themselves and are friendly to everyone they meet at all times. It is never a chore to have a laugh with these charming ladies as they can crack a good joke to lighten up the mood.

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Extremely Beautiful

The unique beauty of Serbian women is popular worldwide. It is no secret that Slavic ladies have this little something to them when it comes to their appearances. Serbian brides are no exception to the general rule! They are known for their shiny dark hair, light eyes pointed noses and sharp jawlines. Moreover, due to the national beauty standards as well as general national love for having a healthy lifestyle, most Serbian girls are slim and toned and care a lot about their diets.

Apart from that, Serbian women are also very stylish and love to get dressed up. Either that would be for a man they like or for themselves, they love to look good and well presented.


When it comes to establishing what is the top priority for them, no matter how ambitious they are, Serbian women will always place their families first. They care deeply about the well-being of their loved ones and are ready to fight for it despite the difficulties.


However, despite being very loyal to their families and seemingly following the traditions, Serbian women are anything but conservative! They are always open to trying out new things and are ready to gain new experiences. They would support you with everything and would never judge anything you do.

  • Where to Find Serbian Brides?
  • Valentime
  • Victoria Hearts
  • Lover Whirl

Serbian girls are well represented on various online dating platforms as they are liked a lot among singles worldwide. Therefore, it should not really be a challenge for you to come across these beautiful ladies online. However, there is an important thing to remember. One of the disadvantages of being universally liked is that you get a lot of counterfeits, too. In fact, there are plenty of scammers and fakes out there pretending to be sexy Serbian brides to get money off naïve men who do not know how to protect themselves from being tricked.

Such an interaction could if not completely ruin then at least majorly worsen your online dating experience. Hence it is best to put some effort into making sure you choose a site that cares deeply about its members’ safety. The site should take serious measures to eradicate any fraudulent activity that could be taking place there. It is vital for a good online dating site to have strong moderation. So this should be the first thing you will be looking for in a platform to sign up to.

However, if you feel that you are already a bit too excited about finding yourself a Serbian wife and cannot waste any more time, we are here to help! Here are a couple of legit and hundred percent trustworthy sites where you can look for Serbian singles:


Valentime is at the top of this list because of its versatility when it comes to dating Serbian brides online. This site is one of the best options for those men looking to find love among Serbian ladies. It has an incredibly extensive catalog of profiles of Serbian women. Moreover, not only you are given an opportunity to browse through all the options open to you, but can also narrow down your search to your personal specifics. Valentime understands the importance of details in finding true love. So it designed a genius search tool that allows you to choose the criteria that are essential for you in the perfect partner.

Moreover, Valentime also has a rather advanced matching system. It couples you up with already existing profiles based on your answers to the questionnaire you fill out upon your initial registration. Therefore, if you provide a sufficient amount of information, you can rely fully on the algorithms to find you a perfect match. Trust us, it really works! This has been proven by multiple couples who were brought together by the clever algorithms of the matching system.

Victoria Hearts

Victoria Hearts is a well-known name within the online dating community as it is one of the largest platforms for Slavic dating. Therefore, when signing up to Victoria Hearts you can fully expect this journey to result in you dating a Serbian woman as there are so many of those, and all of them are on the site with the same serious intention of starting a committed relationship. This is what is particularly good about Victoria Hearts — the site positions itself as a service for those looking to find their true life and eventually have a marriage. Hence you can be sure you are not there for a meaningless hookup.

Victoria Hearts is a safe option for many singles as it is well-known and steadily growing. Every day multiple new ladies register accounts on Victoria Hearts to find the love of their life. Especially since the registration process is so easy not only for them but also for men, too. You will only spend a couple of minutes signing up and will then be ready to browse through endless profiles of Serbian mail order brides.

Lover Whirl

Lover Whirl is great for those singles who are looking to find more mature Serbian women. The site is primarily designed for those over the age of 40. Therefore, the main category of people contacting each other via Lover Whirl is serious mature singles who are ready to settle down.

Lover Whirl is particularly great as it has mandatory verification for everyone, hence you can be sure you are safe and protected from scammers at all times. Moreover, the site also uses the 128-bit SSL protected payment system that ensures your financial information is safe, too. Alongside with the fact Lover Whirl has pretty low tariffs, it can save you a small fortune when dating Serbian girls.

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Things You Should Know About Serbian Woman

When dating a Serbian woman there are a couple of things you need to remember in order for your relationship with her to be fruitful:

They Can Be Unpredictable

Do not try to make plans years in advance. Serbian girls hate schedules as they often act according to their current state of mind and emotions. This, however, is not a bad thing as you can be sure your life will be interesting at all times.

They Are Feisty

If you are looking for a meek subservient girl, you should perhaps look elsewhere as these girls would not be too shy to pick up an argument if you are doing something that she does not like. Serbian women are not afraid to voice their position and will fight for what they believe in.

They Like to Play Hard to Get

You will have to prove her that you really want her to be yours. This includes grand gestures and a lot of attention. And even if she seems kind of reserved, do not back off too quickly, often Serbian women just test the waters to find out whether a particular man is really interested in them.