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Updated for August 2020
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Russian girls are one of the most desirable in the world. Indeed, the phenomenon of Russian beauty is talked about everywhere. So it is only expected that singles worldwide are trying to find themselves Russian brides. However, what is really known about these beauties and are they really worth the chase? This review seeks to answer all your questions about Russian mail order brides.

Before we delve any deeper into exploring all the features these magnificent ladies tend to have, it is important to clear the air. So we need to bust a couple of myths related to the subject and finally clarify who Russian mail order brides really are. Unfortunately, due to a number of totally wrong stereotypes deeply rooted in society, there are still negative connotations associated with the collocation mail order brides. For this very reason, the name is surrounded by a volume of myths and legends aimed at shaming both those women becoming mail order brides and the single men seeking sexy Russian brides online.

russian beauty women3

However, it is absolutely incorrect to assume that mail order bride services have anything to do with illegal activities or are not legit in any way. In fact, they are one of the few effective and easy ways of finding sexy Russian brides. Since they are highly-desired within the international dating community, the competition among singles may be high. Therefore, it is only wise for men who value their time to meet Russian brides for marriage among the mail order brides.

Russian Women Dating

But who really are Russian mail order brides? The answer to this question is rather simple and lays on the surface, there are no hidden tricks. In fact, Russian mail order brides are just prospective Russian brides really looking to meet a husband from abroad. They have the same intention as you do turning to the services of a mail order bride agency. They want to find love!

One of the most widespread and believed things about mail order brides in general and Russian mail order brides, in particular, is that they are not legit. So people think that they are actually just employees of the agency trying to make single men invest more in the agency. While it might be the case on some shady low-quality suites, this is not relevant to the platforms that care about their reputation. If a site is legit and trustworthy, you can be sure that all the ladies featured there are actual single girls from Russia. They are signed up to the service on a voluntary basis. Moreover, they are neither scouted by the team of the site nor paid to maintain a profile on there.

Who Are Russian Brides for Sale?

The reasons for beautiful Russian girls to turn to the help of mail order bride services may vary from lady to lady. However, here are the most common things that push Russian brides to sign up to online dating sites instead of trying to find a husband locally.

Why Russian Women Enjoy Dating Foreigners

There is a gender imbalance in Russia, which means there are more females than males. Therefore, it is rather difficult for women to find a husband. It is not a secret that there is a wide-spread alcohol problem among Russian men. A lot of Russian ‘gentlemen’ do not reject an odd glass of strong spirit. They are generally more prone to alcoholism than their Western counterparts. Moreover, they are less ambitious than western men. Combining with the low living standards of this Eastern European country leads to a perspective of poverty. On the other hand, foreign men are still considered to be rich and reliable.

Russian Men

Another large problem is the ‘macho’ nature of Russian men. They believe women are inferior to them and should not be taken seriously. In some cases, this leads to physical abuse as domestic abuse is decriminalized in Russia. Marriage with a foreign man is a chance for Russian women to gain some more freedom in their lives.
However, while all of the aforementioned socio-political reasons can be viable for a lot of women from Russia, there are also Russian girls seeking foreign men online just so that they would not be limited to a single location and had increased chances for real happiness.

Cities to Meet Russian Women

Moreover, it is also true that Russian brides featured on online dating websites come from all kind of Russian cities. You can indeed find yourself a Russian wife from the most remote corner of the country. However, a considerable amount of profiles registered on mail order bride services belong to Russian beauties from:

  • Moscow
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Novosibirsk
  • Nizhniy Novgorod

Features of Russian Women

The first thing to remember is that you cannot only rely on review and overviews of sexy Russian brides online when trying to learn more about your Russian girl. The bottom line is that she might not have all the features that you read about in the guides like this. This is understandable because all girls are unique and have something different about them. Moreover, we strongly advise you to actually talk to your chosen one, since it is a lot of fun getting to know the person you fancy. However, this overview still seeks to provide the most comprehensive and cohesive collective portrait of Russian brides for marriage, so that you knew what you could expect them to be. Basic stereotypes aside, this is what Russian girls are known and loved for so much!

Intelligent Ladies

One of the things that are particularly true about Russian women is that they are very intellectual and have an impressing general knowledge. This is partly because of the rigorous educational system of Russia. It has hardly been renovated since the USSR times, as it is considered to be a strong aspect of social development. It is mandatory for all Russians to receive full basic education, which means obtaining a secondary school diploma. Moreover, the amount of subjects taught at schools differs from that in Western countries. While their western counterparts are able to choose electives, Russian girls are obliged to attend various classes starting from hard sciences and mathematic and ending with cooking classes.

Strong Education

One way or another, it can be said that the results of such schooling are obvious. All Russian brides have very decent common knowledge. Furthermore, since a lot of Russian women choose to further continue their studies. They also graduate from high school first and then enroll in the university. A large portion of Russian women has a university degree of some kind. A lot of them pursue careers in historically masculine professions such as lawyers, doctors and many others.

Great Inner World

All of this reflects on how entertaining Russian brides are, as well as reveals that they will never be a bore to talk to in a relationship. On the contrary, these ladies can maintain any conversation and make valuable contributions to it. Especially considering the vivid imagination Russian girls are known for, you can expect your chats to be particularly interesting.

Advanced English Skills

One thing that may hinder your communication is the fact that not all Russian girls are fluent in English. Although the language is taught at schools, the level of knowledge still remains rather poor in some areas. So, unless your Russian mail order bride is not from a large city, you might want to turn to the help of a professional translator.

Ambitious Women

Despite their outer femininity and meekness, Russian women are actually very strong mentally. They know how important it is for them to be confident, and they do everything possible to ensure they are living their best life. Russian ladies are extremely hard-working, and they understand the concept of putting a lot of effort into shaping your personal happiness.

This also touches the topic of careers. Since there is a wage gap between men and women in Russia, Russian women need to work harder in order to receive similar money. And they do! They are realistic in their desires and know how to prioritize their lives.

Fun to Be Around

However, in spite of the aforementioned factors, Russian ladies know how to keep the balance. The saying “work hard, play hard” is relevant in this case. Russian girls are no strangers to having fun and partying. Modern Russian brides are all up for a fun night out. They see it as an opportunity to dance, relax and meet new people.

In fact, even though a lot of people could describe Eastern European girls as more reserved, Russian ladies have no trouble establishing contact with people. To an extent, one may even say they are rather outgoing and garrulous, as well as overall amicable.

Great Wives

Although Russian women are ambitious and care a lot about their careers, they put the most emphasis on their family. From the very childhood, Russian girls are taught by their mothers that family should always come first, and this is the belief that is being fostered in the mind of a Russian girl throughout her entire life. This is why even those ladies looking to build a career do not hesitate to get married and give birth. It is believed that young mothers can easily balance raising a kid with working, and somehow these marvelous women really manage to do it!

Caring Mothers

Moreover, another factor worth mentioning is the fact of how good Russian girls are at cooking. You might have already heard of all the delicious dished of Russian cuisine. So best believe you will get a chance to try them and eat them regularly provided you get yourself a Russian wife. These ladies do not mind preparing fresh homemade meals for you. Getting takeaways is not usual in Russian culture.

Beautiful Girls

We left this point last as it is obvious and should not be stated again. Some of the world’s most beautiful women such as Irina Shayk are Russian. However, it is not only supermodels of the Russian descent that are attractive. In fact, even an average Russian girl can pass for a model. They all have beautiful faces, dark shiny hair and light eyes.

russian beauty women12

Moreover, Russian women always take good care of their appearance. It is extremely important for them to look good, so their hair, nail and makeup are done at all times. Furthermore, they also love dressing up, so high heels and a trendy outfit are a casual look for running everyday errands among Russian girls.

Russian Mail Order Bride Sites


Russian mail order bride cost varies from site to site. However, it is important to understand that you do not actually pay for the delivery of the chosen woman to your house. You rather pay for the features mail order bride platforms provide to you to facilitate your communication with sexy Russian brides. A fee keeps fraudsters away, which is the goal. But it is understandable you do not want to waste your money and would want to go on the trustworthy websites. Here are a couple of legit sites for you to consider:

  • Offers thousands of profiles of Russian brides for marriage;
  • Has a reliable moderation, so you will not become a victim of a scam;
  • Provides its members with a lot of additional features to enhance their communication with ladies from Russia.

  • One of the largest sites focused on pairing foreign men with Russian girls;
  • Has a transparent payment system;
  • Registration is easy.

  • An international platform with many Russian brides for marriage to choose from;
  • Has an advanced matching mechanism;
  • Offers an advanced search tool to maximize the effectiveness of your search.