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Updated for November 2020
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In the era of rapid technological development, it is no longer an unattainable dream for men to date girls from other countries. Today, it’s rather a normal practice. Nowadays, it is easier to connect with foreign girls than ever before thanks to the internet and relatively cheap flight fares. Millions and millions of single ladies from all around the world are available to European and American men looking for love online. This is a blessing for those who have very specific preferences and are seeking a particular type of women. Especially since today a lot of men are dreaming of marrying an Eastern European girl.

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Their beauty is actively talked about and admired worldwide, Ukrainian and Russian girls are often the subject of Western men’s fantasies. However, it is not only Ukraine and Russia that have a lot of beautiful ladies. The whole of Eastern Europe also is full of hidden gems, and one of them is gorgeous Moldovan women. In fact, they are becoming more and more popular among the international dating community, and there are a lot of reasons why.

Traits of Moldovan Women

All Moldova girls are different and have something unique to their characters, so this guide may not be described in complete details every single Moldovan girl. However, the following features constitute a collective portrait of what most Moldova brides are like.

Independent and Self-Sufficient

One of the things that make women of Moldova so interesting is their attitude to relationships and life in general. They are no strangers to being strong both physically and mentally. They are keen on shaping themselves as independent individuals. In fact, they are not the type to just be an accessory to a man. They are all very self-sufficient and love to be treated as equals. They believe in gender equality and aspire to be in the same position as their men. What is true about these ladies that they can both take the lead in a relationship as well as give in a little bit and let their loved one to be the leader. They believe in the power of a good conversation and coming to a consensus whenever there is a situation that requires an important decision to be made.

Such a trait is dictated by the environment Moldova girls are brought in. From the very childhood, their families are trying to cultivate the feeling of self-worth in them. It proves to be very helpful in later life of Moldovan women. They do not rush into the marriage and want to realize themselves as individuals first. This means, throughout their 20s they learn what it means to organize their life themselves and be responsible for their actions, and make money. Hence, once they master it all, they turn into people who do not rely on others for their own happiness.

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girls online
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Apart from that, they also understand the value of money. Therefore, they rarely are impulsive spenders and would contribute towards the family budget the same way you would.

Curious and Active

Because of the aforementioned trait, Moldovan women for marriage are very active in life. In order to find out what they really like and want in life, they try out a lot of new things. They have a natural curiosity for life and all it has to offer. So they are always looking for an interesting adventure to take on. Usually, Moldova girls are well-traveled and have a lot of stories to tell to whoever they are with. This is yet another pleasant thing about them as they will never be boring to be around. Moreover, they are also keen on sharing experiences and exchanging experiences, which makes them great listeners and companions.

Supportive and Inspiring

As a result of the previously mentioned things, Moldovan mail order brides are not judgmental in the slightest. On the contrary, they are always supportive of any idea their loved ones may have. They would always have your back as well as inspire you to set more challenging goals and make you a better version of yourself.


Despite Moldova brides definitely not being the type to it at home and only have the household chores on their mind, they still make great wives. They are amazing at combining the roles of a dutiful housewife and a businesswoman, as they can balance their career and home life.

Apart from that, these ladies are also very family-oriented. Family if of the greatest importance in the culture of this country. So you can be sure whenever there is a situation where your Moldovan girl has to prioritize things, the family will always be at the very top of the list. They are ready to sacrifice a lot if it’s necessary and would fight for the well-being of their loved ones.

Moreover, as Moldovan mail order brides are usually girls who have already learned what is important to them in life, they are more likely to be more mature and wise.

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Extremely Beautiful

Another thing that is definitely worth mentioning is that Moldovan women for marriage are extremely pretty. Their beauty is something that attracts the attention of men for a good reason. Moldovan women are very alluring:

  • Their beautiful almond-shaped eyes are radiant;
  • They have very smooth skin as they care a lot about taking care of it;
  • Moldovan women have long shiny brown hair;
  • They have amazing bodies as women of Moldova are no strangers to leading a healthy lifestyle and exercise a lot. They are always in shape and have a very toned figure.

Best Sites to Find Moldovan Mail Order Brides

  • FindEuropeanBeauty
  • KissRussianBeauty
  • RussianBeautyDate

It is important to take online dating seriously and only choose trustworthy legit sites to search for Moldovan mail order brides. Here are a couple of great sites for it:


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  • Has ID verification so you can be sure that you are communicating with real users. Moderators always monitor the platform to avoid any scam or spam activities.
  • Has an intuitive interface so it is easy to navigate.


  • One of the largest platforms for Eastern European online dating, so it features a large number of attractive Moldovan women to choose from;
  • The registration on the site is very quick and free of charge, so you can have a look at the site before committing to it;
  • Great for those who value variety over anything else, the site offers a number of interesting additional features to make your communication with Moldovan mail order brides more varied and efficient. Apart from usual texting, it also offers its members an opportunity to connect with their matches via video and voice chats as well as even arrange a meeting in real life.