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Updated for October 2020
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One of the most confusing concepts to those unfamiliar with the mail order bride services is who mail order brides really are. A lot of people wrongly assume that mail order brides are ladies receive payments for talking to men on the web. Others even think that they are for sale. In essence, however, both these ideas are incredibly wrong. They do not accurately explain the nature of ladies on mail order bride platforms.

Who Are Mail Order Brides?

So, who are mail order brides really? The answer is pretty simple; they are just normal women from around the world who want to find a husband abroad. Usually, mail order brides come from Russia, Ukraine or Asian countries. However, it does not mean that you cannot find a bride from elsewhere. Being a mail order bride is becoming more and more popular among women worldwide, so you can expect to find women for marriage of literally any descend.

The reasons for becoming a mail order bride may vary from girl to girl as all of them are different. While some may be looking for a man overseas to escape a difficult economic or political situation at home, others may genuinely be more attracted to men of a particular nationality.

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Misconception About Mail Order Brides

Nevertheless, an overarching theme that brings all the girls together is their desire to find real love. This is the thing about mail order bride websites. They are less casual than multiple hookup apps available to the general public on the web. Therefore they require more commitment. In order to properly use such sites, you need to dedicate a certain amount of time to it, which is a sign of serious intentions. So men deciding to turn to the mail order bride services can be totally sure that the girls on such sites are looking for a relationship.

Another myth about mail order bride websites that need to be destroyed as it is absolutely inaccurate and overall false is that women featured on dating websites are fake. While it may be the case on some low-quality scam sites, the reputable platforms can guarantee its users that all the profiles are legit. This means that all the women one can communicate with on there are real women and not some chatbots. Unfortunately, it is a pretty widely spread rumor that online dating sites scout girls around the globe and pay them to reply to singles men online. However, this is not true. What really happens is that single women decide to sign up to these sites themselves and are only after finding the love of their lives.

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girls online
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Can You Buy a Bride?

What also needs to be addressed is the collocation often used to refer to the ladies who are featured on online mail order brides sites — ‘brides for sale’. This term brings a lot of confusion as it can spur some unwanted associations and even have negative connotations. However, it is vital to understand that the phrase is only figurative and cannot be taken literally. One cannot simply put the highest bidding on a woman of his choice and get her shipped over to him. Not only this is unethical, but is also highly illegal and considered to be human trafficking.

What really happens when a man signs up to a dating site to buy a bride online is that he pays a fee for using the additional features the site offers to maintain effective communication with women on the site. Therefore, no matter how much or how little money you pay for using the services, it cannot and should not guarantee you the liking of a particular woman. Your financial investment is in no way affiliated with her. You pay for an opportunity to chat with her, and the rest is up to you and your natural charms.

Features of Mail Order Bride Services

As discussed previously, men who decided to look for the love of their love online pay for the features the dating sites offer. And while it may seem kind of unfair at first that you have to pay for the ability to text the women you like, it all makes much more sense once you learn about all the numerous features provided by the top sites to enhance your communication and overall online dating experience. Here is a brief list of all the functions you may use on the best mail order bride websites.

Instant Messages

These are an obvious feature that is present on pretty much every site. Texting is essential when you are trying to get to know someone. It is quick, straight to the business and does not require too much effort. Overall, great to kick start a conversation that could later lead to more.


Once you have already gotten to know someone a bit better, you might want to start exchanging a bit lengthier messages with them to describe more philosophical things or just have more space to talk about how your day went. One way or another, emails are very good to contact those ladies whom you have already had the initial conversation with and are ready to elaborate on.

Phone and Video Calls

After you have been texting for a while, it can be a nice and fresh change to the way you communicate as it is always thrilling to hear the voice of the person so dear to your heart. If you decide to use the voice or video calls, you can talk to your real mail order wives in real-time, which is something to be looking forward to. Moreover, these are essential, as people’s gestures and intonations speak volumes and sometimes a short video call can reveal much more about the person you are talking to than thousands and thousands of texts.

Gift Delivery

Who does not like receiving gifts? True, it is a nice gesture both in the real and online world. Especially since you can combine the two! A lot of top dating sites give you an opportunity to win your mail order bride’s heart with a neat flower delivery that would definitely melt her heart.

Arranging Real Meetings

Eventually, when you realize you click with a person on every level possible, you want to take things offline and meet up in real life. This can sometimes be challenging as your love can live quite far away from where you reside. However, it should not be a problem if you decide to turn to mail order bride services to help you arrange a meeting.

Translational Services

Mail-order bride websites understand that nothing should be an obstacle on the way to true love as it has no limits and borders. Therefore, they often provide translational support if your mail order bride is not particularly fluent in English. This, however, is not that common as usually ladies featured on there are very well educated and have a decent level of language.

Additional Features

The list is not limited to the aforementioned features as a lot of top sites have some small fun things to spice up your online dating journey.

Who Needs Mail Order Bride Services

To be completely honest with you, there is not a particular category of people that needs mail order bride services specifically as everyone could benefit from it. In the modern world where we find it continuously more difficult to meet new people, let alone allocate enough free time to get to know them better, online dating can be a real lifesaver. Especially since online dating has some peculiar advantages that the old school dating, unfortunately, cannot boast.

When using mail order bride services, you can be sure that both you and the person you are talking to are on the same page about what your relationship is and where it is heading. This is a park of online dating: if you start talking to someone on a dating site, you do not have to worry about them not wanting the same thing you do as everyone is in the same boat — out to look for love.

There are more chances of you and your mail order bride being compatible than if you just went out and met up with a random girl in a bar. This is because most top dating websites use extensive matching algorithms to ensure you and your match have a lot of things in common. Therefore, not only those who are socially shy and have not really mastered the art of approaching women in real life can benefit massively from using online dating sites, but also those who value their time and do not want to waste it on people they have no potential future with!

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How to Start Using Mail Order Bride Websites

Browse the web in search of the website that you think will be the most suitable for you. This includes taking into account your personal preferences regarding the features your ideal partner has to have. Especially important this step is for those men seeking an exotic lady, as some sites are clearly better to fir the purpose than others are. For instance, if you are looking for Chinese girls, you should turn to the services that focus mainly on Asian online dating.

Once you are satisfied with the platform you are intending to use, sign up to the service. Usually, registering an account is painless and does not take much time, you should be all set in no more than 5 minutes. Initially, you only need to state your age, come up with a user name and a password.

Fill out a questionnaire that would later help you match with the most compatible singles. After that, fill your profile with some detailed description of who you are, what you are looking for and some of your best pictures to instantly get girls to check you out. Of course, you are the one who decides who much information to share on your profile. But bear in mind that you need to keep a balance between not putting out too much, but still telling some facts that could spark interest in a conversation with you.

Get down to the fun part — searching! This differs from site to site, but usually, you have a chance to both browses through the extensive catalog as well as use search tools to filter accounts in accordance to your personal criteria to find a bride.

Best Mail Order Bride Websites

  • Asia Charm
  • Match Truly
  • Ukrainian Charm

However, if you do not fancy wasting time looking around the web and trying out different sites, you should just hop on one of the platforms below:

Asia Charm

Asia Charm is the perfect platform for those men who admire oriental beauties and would like to find themselves gorgeous Asian women for marriage. It is one of the largest sites for Asian dating, and it is understandable why. Not only Asia Charm has the widest range of choices for singles from all over the world, but also it provides a lot of additional features for its users to enjoy. Apart from that, Asia Charm is particularly famous for its outstanding translational services. So if you ever need any help establishing a common language with your Asian girl, the team is always there to support you.

Match Truly

It’s one of the biggest international online dating sites that feature profiles of ladies of absolutely all nationalities and descends. Match Truly is a dating website with a long history of successful cases as it has been on the market for a while. Therefore, it has a number of positive reviews from all the happy couples brought together by Match Truly. Indeed, Match Truly is the best for those willing to always be in touch as it has a mobile app for you to be able to reach your love at all times.

Ukrainian Charm

Ukrainian Charm is great for connecting with Ukrainian and Russian ladies as it is what is has originally been designed for. However, you will be able to find all kinds of Slavic girls there as it is becoming progressively more popular among Slav singles. Ukrainian Charm is extremely reliable as not only it uses the 128-bit SSL protected payment system to ensure your financial data is safe, but also has a very extensive moderation system that filters out all the fakes and scammers.