For almost every single person it eventually becomes evident that after years of endless partying and embracing meaningless fun, they can no longer live their lives just rushing around without any particular final destination. Once this realization comes to them, they start thinking about what is that they would like to focus on in order to slow the crazy vortex of events down and finally settle down for good. A lot of people feel like the most obvious option to achieve this peace of mind is to occupy your time by facilitating your further life by starting a family and having kids. However, while it does seem like a very sound plan, it is not exactly the easiest to execute.

In order for a union to be long-lasting and happy, the partners decided to legitimize their relationship need to be compatible with each other in every possible way. Only those relationships based on unconditional and undivided love, and not on an expression of momentarily lust, have a chance of standing strong against the wind of changes and all the challenges it will inevitably face in the years to come. Compatibility, however, is a factor that can rarely be developed and has to be there from the very beginning. Thus, when on a search out for the love of your life, it is best to look for your true soulmate.

All You Need is Love

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That being said, you will know someone is suited just right for you — there will be a strong spiritual connection to this person who would be pretty much a reflection of you, not necessarily looks-wise, but it is important for the two of you to be sharing the same views on the world in general, and on some key things in particular. Sadly, though, despite the fact there is, sure thing, a person like that for everyone, it is sometimes really difficult to locate them and even identify them from the first sight.

This is the reason why there are so many lonely men in the world. It is not rare for young people to give up on ever finding their true love after a couple of not exactly very successful attempts. The truth is, however, you should not be so quick in your judgments. Absolutely every single person on the planet is destined for joy, bound to someday find their other half.

For some, it takes a little bit more time and effort though. It is vital to remember that the person you would fall in love with at first sight can live somewhere very unexpected, where it is not obvious to be looking for. We are not the ones making the rules, yet we can facilitate our happiness by not limiting the area of our search to just our local neighborhood. The good news is, it is now easier to connect with someone living abroad than ever before.


About LoveSwans

People who tried many dating platforms prove that provides its users with the best online dating experience possible. It builds meaningful connections between absolutely different people, and every “love-searching” person on the planet Earth should definitely try this platform. Searching and viewing profiles here are free, comparing to some other dating platforms. This is a big plus for those who are still not sure if this website good enough for them or not.

The website includes different features that allow users to simplify and diversify communication with a girl. As far as finding a trustworthy platform nowadays is not the easiest thing, a lot of experts in the dating field advise you to use because of its quality approach. The majority of ladies here are Slavic, but, actually, the platform is international. Slavic women are recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world, so this platform is a real “heaven gift,” full of profiles of charming, smiling and engaged women. exists for more than 10 years and is known as a foundation for people`s happy lives.

Ease of Use

loveswans dating

If you ask anybody what is most important in surfing through different websites, they will tell you in unison “Easiness and convenience!”. And that`s true.`s infrastructure is designed in a way where all main features and tools are shown in the first place and users don`t need to figure out by themselves how this or that works. Everything is clear and here`s hidden the talent of creators. is simple and fancy at the same time, believe it or not. And it is proven the easier the use of the platform the better experience it delivers to the customer.

We`ll talk about the coolest features a little bit later, in a section “Prices”, but for now, let`s just clarify why the system of website`s building is so convenient.

The registration box seems to be developed like for children –  it is so simple! Profiles have all information you may be interested in on their surface; no secrets or hidden things can be present on the platform. Women attract with their amazing (often Slavic) appearance and profiles are so quality that you just cannot pass by.


As I mentioned above, signing up is a cakewalk. You need to specify your gender, type your name, date of birth and e-mail and create a password. After you have done all of these processes, you need to verify your account by welcomed e-mail and – yay – you can successfully log in one of the best dating platforms ever!

But now you are not going to lay down and wait for a miracle, no way. Presentation of yourself is the next important step. Tell the things you want to tell, but don`t be fake (hypocrisy is never appreciated). You can add information about your job, hobbies, plans and everything else you want other users to know. The better the presentation you create – the more suitable match you`ll get soon.

Signing up on goes without any troubles (no complaints were gotten from users), so don`t even worry about creating your profile.


Search and Profile Quality

Finding your match, your soulmate, your “same thinker” is essential not only in online mode but in real life as well. But as we are talking about online dating platform, let`s just clarify some things here.

What does the word “quality” mean? Briefly, it`s a feature that allows a person or a thing to be trusted and respected. Thousand of profiles come out right before your eyes, but which one to choose? The search on the website is based on different factors: location, country of origin, hobbies, age, etc. Sometimes people consider every little thing very important, so make sure to answer all questions.

  • Which hobbies are your favorite?
  • What occupation you had in the past?
  • Are you planning on having kids in the future or already have them?

Specify all detailed information, not necessarily personal (but if you sincerely tell a little story of your life – I call it “life-resume” – it`ll be easier for you to start a conversation with a girl and also you`ll attract a lot of new women, as they`d see your life path and figure out the probability of match). Girls` profiles are not less quality too. They have good professional photos as the main photo and clear information specified on their profiles.

On your account, you can also identify your preferences about your future lover (and it`s completely okay because your choice has to satisfy you). When you wrote about your likes and dislikes, the search system would help you to find the best match, according to your interests and preferences.

Safety treats the safety of users as their highest priority. They created well-developed safety policy and every customer can feel safe and protected from spam/fraud/attempts of online violence etc.

The very important thing is that all accounts go through the verification process and none of the suspicious profiles can be accepted on the platform. The support team works perfectly and your personal information won`t go anywhere and won`t become a reason for worry. The platform ensures safety from both sides, confidence and constant support. They answer clients` questions immediately and give the most fittable help they can. Yes, nowadays it is difficult to avoid fraud, but with such level of security, everything is possible for sure.

If you read the reviews of users, you`ll not find any comment that this website is a fraud. I think that the approval of people serves the reputation of this whole universe of dating platform. This is one site that is legit and gives online dating sites a good name. Everything about it is professional to ensure that the client has the best experience ever.


Platform prices are very adequate and affordable. Slavic beauties require special attention, so you need to pay for many additional options. But these options allow you to push communication to a new level, so this is a very profitable and useful opportunity.

When you only come to the website for the first time, everything is free for your subsequent exploration. You can sign up for free, make your profile as good as you want and search for your perfect match. But once you put your eye on one specific girl, you need to pay for connection with her. You use your real money to buy a certain amount of credits, which are virtual money for your purchases on the website. A standard credit package costs 9,99$.

  • Chat goes for 2 credits per minute;
  • 10 credits first letter, 30 credits subsequent letters;
  • 25 credits to view a video;
  • Meeting request – 625 credits

We`ve been discussing features for a lot above, so now it`s time to open the cards and tell more about them!

Mail Feature

This feature allows you to send and receive messages to/from your potential partner

Wink Feature

This feature allows you to wink at your potential partner to demonstrate your interest to them


This feature allows you to “dilute” a conversation with some funny stuff and make your partner even more excited about communication with you


loveswans dating review

This sweet option is for those who want to show their appreciation in such a romantic way. You can send gifts, flowers, chocolate, gift cards. It definitely makes a print on the girl`s heart and keeps her attention and appreciation.

Arranging a Date

This is a serious one. You can arrange a date for 625 credits and should have a confirmation from your partner as well. That is the best way to get closer, you see it?

Pros and Cons


  • Worldwide search for your future love;
  • Well developed security and anti-scam policy;
  • The support team of professionals;
  • Newest technologies and features;
  • Easy use;
  • The perfect system with matching tools.


  • Some options can get expensive, for example, arranging a date (but it is justified by high-quality service);
  • The website is international because ladies are from different countries, but their countries are located mostly in Eastern Europe;
  • No opportunities for LGBT groups.


In general, this site is a repository of real Slavic beauty and wonderful acquaintances. Many men from different parts of the world find here their unforgettable and only woman. After all, 10 years of the platform’s existence prove the quality of the services provided.

The platform is not designed for “love games; it is designed for people who sincerely want to find their sweetheart and are even ready to go to the other side of the world to meet with their love. The site is popular among both young people and adults (middle-aged) because it is very user-friendly and effective in all cases. Not a single client is afraid for their safety, being “in the walls” of this platform. is the right choice for responsible and loving people. Slavic women like to have a special approach to them, so using different tools offered on the platform, you can easily satisfy any girl you want.

Analyzing the public, we see that there are no frivolous heroes on the platform, but only men who came in search of their love. And thanks to they have a brilliant opportunity to find a girl of their dream.