Finding love in the modern high-tech world can be very difficult. Ole fashioned ways of meeting people on the streets does not work anymore, as well as dating the friends of your friends. Modern technologies require modern solutions, and this applies not only to workflows but also to personal life. Days when you had to track down a girl you like on the street and try to attract attention, are completely gone. Of course, you can still do that now, but will the chosen one understand you or consider you crazy?

About JollyRomance

That is why we recommend you to use one of the modern dating platforms. is the best one. This is a popular resource that is professionally engaged in the selection of candidates for a particular person. It works very simply. You register on the site, enter the necessary data about yourself, replenish your balance and a smart search service finds you appropriate matches. The robot, using the data of your profile, easily selects girls’ accounts for you, whose views on life and other criteria coincide with those that you need. Everything works quickly and you only need to have time to respond to the messages.


Pros of JollyRomance

Any service has its advantages and disadvantages. The JollyRomance also frankly shows its own. First, we highlight the clear benefits.

Works on Any Device

The resource works equally well with any operating system currently available. All you need for communication is any gadget with access to the Internet. A mobile app is available as well.

Vast User Database

Extensive database of girls for every taste. The number of site’s users has long crossed the threshold of 5 million people.

Useful Articles

Continuous updating of the database and the availability of useful information on the site. We took care of those who are not easy with dating. Here you will find many useful articles on how to communicate with girls from different countries, how to start a dialogue and how to actively develop it. There are recommendations about gifts, as well as numerous tricks.

All Accounts are Verified

Guaranteed quality of each profile due to enhanced testing of all users with special anti-spam programs. Also here you can find guaranteed legality of each registered profile. You see a large photo of the girl, her rating, age, and country.

Free Registration

You can register and browse through profiles for free to decide if you want to upgrade to the paid plan or don’t


Cons of JollyRomance

Limited Database

The female database is limited to the Eastern European and European countries so you won’t be able to meet many Asians here.

Paid Usage

You won’t be able to use the advanced features such as scientific search tool and real-gifts delivery without upgrading to a paid plan.

Easy to Use

The simplicity and ease of use of the dating site are another of its clear advantages. Immediately note that it takes a bit of memory on your device. On the one hand, it may seem like a disadvantage, because the smaller the volume of the application, the weaker it is, but it is not true. “Lightweight” resource, nevertheless, perfectly fulfills the functions of all known dating sites. There are several tabs with reviews and useful articles, photos of girls differ in excellent quality and good resolution.

Convenient messenger is not overloaded with unnecessary videos, gif-images, and other unnecessary details. All necessary emoticons will be available for you. You will be able to send photos and video messages. The design of the site and messenger is dominated by soft, nice looking colors. One more feature we consider is the almost complete absence of contextual advertising and “pop-ups”.


You can start using the site immediately after completing the registration procedure. It will require a valid email or Facebook account. In the first case, you enter your email, come up with a password, and then follow the link in the letter, thus confirming the registration process. In the second case, the system itself, using numerous cross-references, creates a profile for you on the site. And in the third case, the necessary information about you is transferred from the specified account in the social network. Please note that further access to the website must be performed in the same way, or a standard registration procedure will be required.

Each subsequent login will take you only a few seconds. So you can stay in touch almost around the clock. It would be especially noted that registration on the site is absolutely free. Thus, you can look through the information on the site, look around here and see if this service is suitable for you. Registration also includes filling out a smart search form. It is important to take it seriously since the robot will refer to this data when selecting girls for you.

Profile Quality

Surely, you have already matched many of our visitors. After all, their photos look perfect. It seems that the girls have no flaws at all. Of course, for registration on a similar site, beauties, mostly, use photos taken by a professional photographer. All photos are real, just like their owners. To verify the authenticity of photos and profiles in general, our security service checks each account created by special programs. Thus, the possibility of registering a robot that will be engaged in sending scam messages is almost completely excluded.


Not only accounts but also messages are subject to verification. Do not be afraid of wiretaps and surveillance, because the security service selectively checks the text for the presence of stop words. This means that if the selected message contains a word from our stop list, the user will be subject to additional verification. This is performing for several reasons. First, we would like to protect our content from fraudulent attacks. Besides, we are responsible for the data that you place in your profile. We want to avoid the likelihood of dishonest people among our users maximally.


Search can be done in several ways. The free and slow way is scrolling through all available pages of girls. Note that you can only see accounts that have been verified by our security service. While scrolling, you will immediately see where the girl is from, how old she is, what her rating is on the site, and also when she was online. Also, you will immediately see the buttons for speed dialing a message or sending a gift. The method is considered very thorough, but it takes a lot of time. That’s because to choose the right girl for yourself, you will have to “browse” through a lot of profiles.

Using a special robot is faster and more convenient. You do not need to do anything, just carefully fill out the questionnaire. Having all the necessary data, the robot will search for exactly the required parameters (age, weight, height, country) and the most coinciding interests (hobbies, aspirations, goals). This will significantly speed up your desired date because in a few days you will receive a selection of girls who are initially similar to you in many ways.

Thanks to the site, everyone can avoid the unloved initial stage of a relationship, when it is necessary to start a conversation somehow and interest a girl. You and she are online, which means that this is an excellent occasion to communicate and get to know each other better. What if it’s your destiny?


Since many services on the site are paid, for comfortable communication, you need to regularly replenish your balance. To some extent, you can even say that you have to buy communication with your future wife. Of course, because you pay credits for exchanging messages, and then any of your interlocutors can become your spouse.

We approached this issue with all seriousness. So, for convenience and savings, you buy credits in bulk. This means that for a certain amount each time you get the same number of credits that you use at your discretion. Each service on the site costs a different amount.


To change your destiny, you will not have to make a lot of effort. Just use the convenient service, top up the balance and enjoy communicating with beautiful girls at the comfort of your home.