eHarmony Review

Dating websites are not something new to us. We got used to social networks really quick, and now we can’t imagine our lives without checking personal accounts. Dating websites are similar to social networks, but instead of friendship, people are trying to find love. Most dating apps and sites offer you to find someone who will have similar to your interests, beliefs, view, habits, and hobbies. It is a very powerful tool, and it’s even better than a pointless search in clubs or bars.

eHarmony is one of such websites that cater to the interests of all single people in the world. Probably, you have already heard about this site because it is one of the most popular websites. It had been launched almost 20 years ago – in August 2000. You can imagine how huge their database is right now. The fact that the site is pretty old (in a positive way) means that. Probably, the developers had been regularly improving it depending on people’s needs.

But the site still has some disadvantages and not just minor ones. In this review, you will find more about advantages and disadvantages of this site, is it easy to sign up, is it free or paid, and if it’s paid what are the prices, etc.

eHarmony Review1

Pros and Cons


  • Nice website design;
  • Decent security system;
  • A lot of active users;
  • Huge database.


  • There was a security breach;
  • You can still find fake accounts;
  • High prices.

Communication Features

Like any dating site, eHarmony has a matchmaking algorithm. But it stands out from other similar algorithms. First of all, it has a feature “The two of us together” which explains why two people were matched. You can check why this person was chosen as a compatible candidate. It is believed that this feature will allow potential candidates to understand each other better and to see some peculiarities that can help to create a happy couple.

It also has different articles and free tips on how to date. You can find success stories of those couples who managed to find love using this website. These stories are categorized, for instance, those who nearly gave up, international, singles with kids, etc. It also has a safety section where you can find safety tips. For example, that you don’t have to share such data as your mother’s maiden name, social security number, etc. eHarmony offers you a gift subscription and other handy features.


The registration process is quite different from signing up on other accounts. For instance, you will have to enter your valid zip code. For instance, if you live in Texas, USA, you will have to indicate the valid code that will reflect your location. You have to indicate who are you looking for – a man for a woman, a woman for a man, but there are also options for those who are seeking a same-sex single.

girls online
daily visits

girls online
daily visits

girls online
daily visits

You will also have to enter your real name (not the surname), then you have to enter your e-mail address and to pick from which source you’ve found out about them. Then proceed with a short verification process,s and you can start searching for your matches. Of course, right after you sign in, you will have to verify your e-mail. Don’t forget to check your mail and click on the sent link.

You have to upload your real photos, complete a questionnaire that includes answering questions upon such topics as your beliefs, skills, emotional health, etc. What is curious, this site can reject your application. This means, that you might even not register. If your information is invalid, they will reject the application. They also reject people who are over 60 years old and had been married more than four times – yes, they don’t give people a chance. If an applicant is under 21, he can’t register.

If you ever want to delete the profile, you can find out how to delete the account. Though it’s very simple, you just need to open settings in your account and find this option.


Search and Profile Quality

The search tool is quite decent, especially for a platform that is connecting singles for almost 20 years. But sometimes the algorithm can surprise you and connect your profile with the profile of a person who has different interests. Most users are curious why is that happening. It’s because of the belief that people with opposite interests may be attracted to each other even more than people who have similar interests.

But most of the time you will receive recommended candidates’ profiles via in-app mail. But still, some recommended candidates are too unexpecting and you start questioning the ability of the algorithm to find you a decent date. Profiles belong to real people, but sometimes you can have some doubts. For example, you can receive a message from someone immediately after registration. When you haven’t yet added information about your personality, etc.

Such a person can tell you that he is a successful businessman (in case a profile belongs to a woman) and that he wants to create a family. To sum up, such user will tell you everything you want to hear. And what do people who register on such sites want to hear? Right, that someone wants to start a serious relationship and to get married. That’s why you still should be careful to not fall into a scam. You can encounter fake accounts even here.


The safety system is quite advanced, but you should know that several years ago, there was a breach. Moreover, because of this breach, millions of passwords of users had been stolen. Of course, since then the website has improved its security system but it’s a bit difficult to trust them.


It’s a paid site and you have to buy the subscription. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a monthly subscription, it’s possible to buy a pack that grants you three, six and 12 months of using the site. If you buy three months, each month will cost you almost $40, if six – almost $30, and the best deal is twelve months – almost $20. You won’t pay each month, you pay once and even if you no longer need the site, they won’t refund your investments.

Paid sites have better protection, but eHarmony is too expensive and inconvenient. As an alternative, you can use or, they use a credit system and you don’t need to pay when you don’t use the site.

Customer Support

You can contact support directly if you are facing some issues.


The website is decent, but you can find better alternatives. Still, those success stories on their website give users some hope.