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Updated for August 2020
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Bulgarian brides are like no other women on this planet! In themselves, they combine all the finest features of independent western women and more traditional and family-oriented Eastern European women. They are funny, reliable and supportive. Such a great mixture of traits constitutes a perfect woman for a long-term committed relationship. If you are interested, read on to find out more about these girls and where to look for them!

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Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

Bulgaria is a nice sunny country that is famous for its nightlife, hot weather and nice sand beaches. However, these are not the only things that attract tourists from all around the world there. A lot of male singles are drawn to the country of Bulgaria. They know that Bulgaria is full of amazing ladies. Those girls have a hot temper and stunning appearance. So it is totally understandable why so many people want to meet, date and marry them.

The best place to find Bulgarian brides on the web is to turn for the help of an online Bulgarian brides agency. It is one of the most effective and fruitful ways of connecting with real Bulgarian brides, despite all the rumors that surround the topic. Before we go any further into details about what makes Bulgarian women so desirable for men around the world, it is important to clarify a couple of points regarding who Bulgarian mail order brides really are.

Unfortunately, the concept of mail order bride services is still often frowned upon due to unknowledgeable men spreading rumors about this without really making sure they understand the matter fully. In reality, Bulgarian mail order brides are nothing more or less than just single ladies trying to look for love among foreign men online. They are neither scouted to chat to people on dating sites, nor they are paid to do it. They do it out of their pure desire to be happy and start a perfect relationship with a compatible with them interesting gentleman.

Features of Bulgarian Women

There are a lot of things Bulgarian women are famous for. So it would be simply impossible to lay out all the traits that make them so desirable among singles from all over the world. However, we will try to give you a basic understanding of what you can expect the Bulgarian mail order brides to be like. Here is a collective portrait for you to decide, perhaps, a Bulgarian lady is exactly what you have been searching for your entire life!

They Are Very Committed

A relationship is no joke to these ladies. For Bulgarian brides, marriage is something they take seriously, and commit fully to. This is why you can expect your chosen one to be completely loyal to you, and never go behind you back. Under any circumstances, in any situation, they will always think about you first, because if these ladies fall in love with someone, they make this person their top priority.

For this very reason, you shall never expect to have a one-night stand when you are talking to Bulgarian brides. It is not intrinsic to Bulgarian culture to have meaningless flings. The conservative Bulgarian society believes that you shall only be with people you actually see a future with. This, however, does not make Bulgarian women prude in any way. They are actually initiative when it comes to intimacy and sex.

They Are Fun to Be Around

Despite being brought up in a conservative environment, as it has been mentioned earlier, these women are no strangers to having fun. They enjoy life and are always down for any kind of activity or adventure that can bring them joy. They are rather entertaining to be around, and they definitely know how to cheer you up if you ever feel blue. Their positivity is one of the most incredible things as they are very light-hearted and know what to say exactly to lighten your mood!

They Are Ambitious and Independent

It is absolutely normal among Bulgarian women to be seeking independence, both financial and social. They believe that there is no reason why they should not be working, so they embrace careers and strive to support themselves financially. Bolgarian women do not like to rely on some outer forces to facilitate their happy and secure life, so they work hard, sometimes even having not only one but multiple jobs.

They Make Great Housewives

Nevertheless, despite being ambitious, these girls are also known for prioritizing right. Just like other their Eastern European counterparts, they are not averted to the idea of starting a family rather early and would like to give birth to kids. This corresponds to their belief that relationships should be committed, and what is a better way to manifest your love for each other than to raise a child together?

In fact, Bulgarian brides are great at being housewives as they are brought up in households where house chores are split equally. Therefore, they know how to clean the house and cook delicious homemade meals!

They Are Very Attractive

It would not be fair to not mention the outstanding physique of Bulgarian women. They are incredibly pretty with their:

  • olive smooth skin
  • dark hair
  • dark almond-shaped eyes
  • long legs

Moreover, Bulgarian girls also have great figures as they are no strangers to working out regularly. Gym culture is very popular in Bulgaria, so girls tend to lead healthy lives and keep a nice balanced diet, too!

Where to Look for Bulgarian Brides

Now that you know everything about these amazing ladies, you might wonder where to meet Bulgarian brides. You also probably want to know how to approach them? To be fair, it is not that big of a challenge nowadays. More and more ladies from Bulgaria delegate the process of ensuring their family happiness to a Bulgarian brides agency. Hence there are plenty of Bulgarian mail order brides online. Over the last couple of years, the number of female Bulgarian singles featured on online dating websites has risen dramatically. This simplifies the process of meeting a lady of your dreams. However, despite there being a large choice, it is still important for you to carry out a rather extensive groundwork and identify the sites worth visiting to find Bulgarian brides for sale.

This is particularly important as, unfortunately, there are a lot of unreliable platforms. Those sites do not put sufficient effort into protecting its users from fraudulent activities and scammers. However, the safety of users is correlated directly with the quality of their online dating experience. As it is the unfortunate interaction with certain individuals on the web that can make it very unpleasant.  Therefore, it is essential to only turn to those sites that take pride in delivering the best service possible and are considered to be trustworthy within the international dating community.

Bulgarian Women Dating Sites

  • Charmerly.com
  • LoveSwans.com
  • Match Truly.com

The easiest way to find these platforms would be to scout for them on the web. However, this can be somewhat time-consuming. But we do understand how excited you are at this point about meeting beautiful Bulgarian women. You should not burden yourself for any longer with trying to find a review on a particular site. We researched all Bulgarian dating sites and made a list of the most reliable platforms. Check it out and choose the best platform to meet Bulgarian brides for sale!


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