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Updated for August 2020
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Brides from Belarus are similar to their other Eastern European counterparts, yet they are still very different to any other woman in the world. They are charming and gentle, but these are not the only reasons why you would want to find Belarusian brides. Want to find out more? Read on!

Belarussian Dating Culture

One of the things that are relevant to the world of international online dating at the moment is that a lot of single men from all around the world are trying to find themselves an attractive and interesting girl from Eastern Europe. This is partly because of the amount of attention Russian and Ukrainian girls have been getting at all times due to their phenomenal beauty and amazing characters. However, as we are stepping forward into the era of digitalization, we are getting more exposure online. This means that in the modern world men can explore more countries and the ladies living in the countries, and are not limited to the known options.

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Therefore, more and more singles worldwide are turning their eyes to less famous yet equally as charming ladies from other regions. One of the regions that is considered to be the hidden gem of Eastern Europe is Belorussia.

Belarus is a country bordering both Ukraine and Russia, so the girls residing there are very similar to their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts. They share the same values in life as they all have similar backgrounds. As well as that, they are also very similar visually. However, brides from Belarus are slightly less used to the attention of foreign men, hence they are more receptive to the attempts of the later to start dating them. In fact, this makes them perfect for international marriage and therefore gives a competitive advantage over other more known within the international dating community mail order brides looking for love. Maybe you should consider them as an option, too? Especially since they have so many appealing traits.

Features of Belarus Women

Just like anywhere else, Belarusian brides are very different from each other and cannot be equated to each other. Nevertheless, this overview is trying to give you the most comprehensive picture of what you can expect brides from Belarus to be like, and therefore gain an understanding of whether you would like to connect with one and find a bride from there.

Belarusian Girls Are Extremely Attractive

Indeed, the beauty of these ladies is absolutely unparalleled and can be talked about for ages. We cannot stress enough how hot and attractive they are, but we will definitely try to outline the main points that constitute their beauty. Let’s start with their beautiful faces:

Sensual Lips

One of the things that make them stand out among their counterpart from other countries is their full soft lips. Full lips are something a lot of men find extremely sexy and therefore a lot of women worldwide try to achieve through plastic surgeries and injecting lip fillers. However, this is also something that a lot of beautiful Belarusian brides are gifted with by mother nature. They are very appealing and seducing and are just drawing for a passionate kiss.

Deep Eyes

They have extremely beautiful almond-shaped blue eyes. Of course, not the whole nation is blue-eyed, but this is the most widespread eye color, which is rare elsewhere.

High Cheekbones

High cheekbones is what makes faces of hot Belarus women so attractive and elegant.

Natural Hair

Most Belarus girls are rooting for natural looks; hence they usually have their hair either not dyed or wear a natural color.

Fit Bodies

Apart from having beautiful faces, Belarusian brides are also known for having stunning bodies, too! Most girls in Belarus are tall and slender: they love to look good at all times and know that doing so requires a lot of hard work and effort, so they are regular visitors of a gym and often keep a healthy diet.

Besides, Belarusian women also know how to enhance their natural beauty. They are skillful makeup artists and dress to impress just like other Slavic ladies.

Belarusian Women Have Strong Family Values

From a very young age, Belarus girls are taught that family should be the top priority in the life of any person, and they really do believe it. Therefore, they try to build their lives in such a way that they have an extremely happy and bonded family. In fact, they do not want to postpone marriage either. They believe that once they truly fall in love with a man, they will never change their decision, and this is really something that happens — they are extremely loyal to their partners and do everything to maintain a loving and caring relationship. Moreover, unlike a lot of Western ladies, they do not have the stigma against having babies early. They love children a lot and do not hesitate to raise kids with their husband.

In fact, they prioritize their families over anything else and are willing to sacrifice a lot if the situation calls for it. However, under no circumstances does this mean that they cannot have a successful career. On the contrary, they are great at succeeding at both by balancing these two activities and allocating time accordingly to have everything at once.

They Are Very Smart

This comes from the previous point that these ladies are great at time managing. And this is not their only masterful skill. In fact, since a lot of Belarus women want to have a career and do something that would bring money into the family, they often go to a university and have a university degree. This indicates how well-educated and overall smart they are. There will never be a lack of topics to discuss with brides from Belarus as they are great conversationalists and have a wide scope of knowledge in pretty much any sphere you can think of.

They Are Very Responsible

Belarusian girls are not afraid of taking responsibilities. If they agree to something, you can be sure they will complete the task in the most perfect way, so you can most definitely rely on them. They are very trustful and can keep a secret well. Belarusian girls are the one if you are looking for a Bonnie and Clyde type of relationship.

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Sites to Meet Belarusian Mail Order Brides

  • Victoria Hearts
  • Lover Whirl
  • Ukrainian Charm

In order for you to successfully connect with beautiful Belarus women online, you should only turn to that online dating agency that has a lot of positive reviews and is very trustworthy and legit. This is pivotal as you do not want to interact with scammers and fakes that want to get money off you. You need to be careful with where you search for love online, and here are some good places to start:

Victoria Hearts

  • Has an ID verification so you can be sure the Belarusian girls you communicate with are real;
  • Easy and free to sign up to;
  • Has a lot of Belarusian mail order brides to choose from.

Lover Whirl

  • A large online dating agency with many Belarusian women to connect with;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Has a great and functional mobile version of the site.

Ukrainian Charm

  • This platform has a number of Slavic beauties including Belarusian women;
  • 128-bit SSL protected payment system;
  • Advanced search system to filter out profiles according to your preferences.