Asian Mail Order Brides

Asian women are attractive to Western men for three reasons. The first one is they look very beautiful. The second reason is that they are traditional and value family. The third reason is they know the secrets of keeping men satisfied for years. A lot of Western men search for Asian girls because they want to get married to traditional women with serious intentions.

If you want to date Asian ladies, then you have a big choice of countries. China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, and Vietnam are some of the most popular bride destinations. There is a really huge choice of dating sites that would help you to find a bride from any of the above-mentioned countries.

By dating women via professional dating sites, you can save your money on traveling. A lot of men travel to Asia for the first time and get frustrated. Asia is quite a populated place so if you like a relaxed atmosphere, you need to know the cities where you need to head. However, when meeting women online, you can enjoy communicating with a big number of girls, chat with them via video and exchange voice messages while sitting comfortably in your chair. Usually, dating sites offer monthly subscriptions or credits that you can purchase to use communication tools. This is a cheaper, safer and more effective method.

In this article, we are going to talk about why Asian women are so popular among American bachelors, what the best dating services to use and how to approach Asian girls.

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Why Are Asian Women for Marriage so Popular?

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Apart from being very beautiful which is obvious, Asian ladies are smart and intelligent. There is a myth that Asians don’t study and work, they only focus on family. This is not true. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian people are some of the smartest. They study really hard, they speak a few languages and they travel around the world. A lot of Indian people take respectful job positions abroad.

Young Asian girls are very ambitious. They join universities and enjoy working to provide for themselves and help their families. You will enjoy communicating with local girls, chatting on different topics and learning new things from them. Also, you will be able to learn about local traditions, values, and culture. There are a lot of interesting things that you can find out about life in Asia, how people live, what they do in their free time and what they value the most.

What Country to Choose to Look for Asian Bride

Counties to Meet Modern Girls

If you are looking for a modern Asian girl, then you should better target such countries as:

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia

Here girls are modern and developed. They travel around the world, they earn money, they wear nice clothes and they have an open mind about dating online and getting married to foreign men. Thanks to a big flow of tourists to these counties, local women speak excellent English and know about Western culture. Here women meet American men every single day, so they know how to get acquainted with them and what Western men expect from a relationship.

Countries to Meet Traditional Girls

Check out women from these counties if you want to meet a lady who’s family-oriented and very traditional:

  • India
  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea

However, if you want a traditional woman who would want to be a housewife, a good mother and put work on hold or not work at all, then you should consider searching for a bride in India. In this country, women are very traditional. Their goal is to find a reliable man, create a family and look after children. Indian women are very warm and kind. They treat men with respect and willing to do everything to satisfy their lifetime partners’ desires.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls are family-oriented but at the same time, they are very hard-working and ambitious. A lot of women from these countries provide for themselves. However, they are looking for reliable and generous men who would support them and make them feel like true ladies. A big number of men in China and Japan don’t want to build a relationship, this is why local women look for foreign men on dating sites.

As you can see, you have quite a wide choice of brides. Depending on your requirements, you should look for a woman by the country. However, if you want to know the nature of Asian women in general, you should meet Asian women regardless of location. Modern dating sites are a perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted with Asian ladies, learn about their culture, explore their values, find out about their family traditions and ask them what they expect from a relationship.


American-Asian: Perfect Match

If you wonder why there are so many men want to date and get married to women from Asia, here are simple answers. The statistic shows that about 10,000 men from abroad get married to women from Asia. The Philippines are the most popular destination. Western men say that Filipino brides are very modern but family-oriented at the same time. They are ambitious, active and sexy. They take good care of their husbands and kids. Asians manage to combine work and family. This is why they feel happy which creates a perfect marriage. Indonesian and Thai girls are second after women from the Philippines. So, if you want a big number of brides, look for brides from these three countries.

The age of most girls who date and get married to foreigners is between 21 and 25. But also there are a lot of mature women who date men from the US. Another interesting statistic shows that compared to the divorce rate in the US which 50%, the divorce rate for American-Asian is 20% which are good news.

Natural Beauty of Asian Girls

There are actually quite a lot of men who care about how women lead their lifestyle. If you want to find a woman who is healthy and can give birth to healthy and strong children, then you will be surprised how healthy Asian women are. Women from Asia have a healthy diet, they are rarely overweight, they are active and they usually look younger than their actual age.

Asian Ladies Rarely Wear Make-Up

They look pure and nice without tons of cosmetics, this is why you will certainly like the look of local girls. Depending on the part of Asia, women look differently. For example, Indian and Sri-Lankan women have dark skin. Ladies from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines have lighter skin and very soft facial features. They look more feminine, probably this is why they attract so many Westerners.

Finally, women from China, Japan, and Korea have very pure, satin and white skin. Women from this part of Asia have a healthy diet. They eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish, and rice, this is why they look so young and stay active until old age. Asian ladies are not tall, most of them have black hair, some girls have brown hair. In general, Asian women have soft facial features, dark eyes, and nice white teeth.

Asian Women Respect Men

Asian women for marriage are simply perfect because they show a lot of respect for men. Western men find Asian ladies very polite and respectful because they treat them like Gods. If you have never dated a woman from Asia, you will be surprised by how nicely she will treat you. She will care for your needs and do her best to keep you satisfied. They make good wives because they avoid conflicts and arguments. They are good friends and support their husbands during the marriage.

Best Dating Sites for Meeting Asian Women


So, now you know quite a lot of information about Asian women. In this part of the article, you will find the names of 5 websites with hot Asian wives. Keep reading the article and find detailed descriptions of popular mail order bride services.

Join this amazing Asian dating service and meet beautiful ladies from all parts of Asia. This is a modern platform that offers all the necessary tools to make your online dating experience positive. Asia Charm is a user-friendly platform with a nice interface and dozens of interesting features. Here you can search for women by age, location, marital status, children, religion and habits. uses an advanced matching algorithm that will help you to meet women similar to you. You will get suggested matches every day and will be able to meet women by spending less time at the site. 

The second great Asian dating platform that you should use is called Asian Melodies. This is a big and experienced company that specializes in connecting Asian women and Western men. Join the website for free by providing your gender, name, birth date, email address, and password. Fill in your profile, provide your criteria towards your ideal Asian woman and start meeting beautiful Asian brides from the comfort of your home. offers to communicate with girls via chat where you can exchange instant text, private emails, video chat, and voice messages. Show your interest, save interesting women to your favorites list and surprise women by sending them flowers and gifts.

The third top-quality dating site that you can join now for free is Romance Tale. There are many chat options, search tools and matching features that you can use here for finding women who match your criteria. Like the other two websites that use an advanced matching algorithm, Romance Tale searches for brides saving your time and money. Get suggested matches every day and meet women who you may create a couple with. offers free registration but to use advanced features you will have to buy credits. 

Another platform that worths your time is called Lover Whirl. The company has a big experience in connecting people of different cultures and traditions. Register for free, fill in your profile and add your recent photo. At, girls will send your messages first but you can also use chat and private email communication tools for contacting women. Searching for Asian brides, viewing their profiles and images, showing your interest and saving your favorite girls are free. By purchasing credits, you will be able to view girls’ private photos, send them flowers and gifts, and request their contact details. 

The last great dating service that will bring you new meaningful contacts is It also provides free registration and plenty of tools for searching and communication. This is a top-rated dating site with an attractive interface and excellent customer support. Join the site and start browsing through profiles of sexy girls and charming mature women from all parts of Asia. Choose a country and city and view profiles of women who match your criteria. There are also options for sending flowers and gifts, requesting women’s contacts and viewing brides’ private photos. has a big choice of single Asian ladies with serious intentions, this is why you should choose long-term relationship and marriage as your relationship criteria.

By using an Asian mail order bride service, you will be able to meet an incredibly big number of single girls from Asia. You will unlikely meet and get acquainted with such a huge number of women from:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Korea
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia

The second benefit of using dating sites is being able to be polite and respectful. Asian people have different traditions and culture, therefore, you may feel a little bit lost. By having distance and communicating with women online, you will be able to take it slowly, learning about women, asking them questions and think twice before you say something.

Tips for Asian Women Dating

Once you start chatting with Asian women online, you should remember these easy but important tips:

Avoid Intimacy Topics

In Asian culture, people don’t talk about sex especially on the first date. You should first gain respect and trust.

Respect Her Family

Showing respect is the main aspect of building a serious relationship. Treat your future wife family with respect. Help them if you can and gain their trust.

Show Your Love

Asian women are very sensitive. They like to talk about their feelings when it’s really genuine. Use flowers and gifts delivery service to show your interest and care.


Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a woman for a serious relationship and marriage in the city where you live. If you find it difficult to build a romantic relationship with Western girls, maybe you should try out Asian dating.

Thanks to a big choice of dating platforms that you can join for free and use on your desktop or mobile device, you can start meeting beautiful women from the comfort of your home. Learn about a foreign culture by reading articles and blogs. You will learn a lot about Asian brides when you communicate with them online. Meeting a woman of Asian culture will be a new interesting experience for you. If you want to build a long-lasting relationship with a  woman who will value you and do her best to keep you happy, then you should certainly register at one of the Asian dating sites and get acquainted with the hottest brides ever.